Choosing the right iPhone Case-BONAVENTURA

Choosing the right iPhone Case

With Apple’s recent release of the iPhone 13 Series, and Black Friday and Christmas around the corner, you may have just made the leap to a new iPhone model or are thinking about an upgrade. If you are in the market for a new mobile phone, you will need the best case to not only ensure optimal protection, but one that suits your personal style too. 

So how do you know exactly which case to choose with so many options? Here are five reasons why BONAVENTURA authentic leather cases stand out:

1: Premium German leather

BONAVENTURA leather iPhone cases are truly elegant. High-quality manufactured leather is distinguished by its durability and premium quality. When choosing a BONAVENTURA leather case, you aren't getting just another case.

Our cases are known to age beautifully with a natural patina. Through daily use, a high-quality leather case will develop a special tone over time - slight leather discolorations or some would title them as signs of wear. These naturally occurring features make each leather case unique and should not be considered imperfections, but rather a characteristic fingerprint of your leather product.

BONAVENTURA leather iPhone cases are available in two leather variants - Fjord which is a shrunken, raised grain pebbled calf leather or Noblessa, our embossed, cross grain calf leather. 

2: The perfect fit

The soft and perfectly fitting natural leather nestles around the new angular aluminium design of your iPhone 13 and fits over the phone like a second skin. All cut-outs around the camera and buttons have been measured to the millimetre ensuring a perfect fit. Our cases are sustainably produced and carefully made to last you a lifetime.

BONAVENTURA premium leather iPhone cases ensure that the beauty of your new iPhone 13 is not lost; adding even more value to your iPhone. BONAVENTURA offers not only the right case for your iPhone 13, but also for the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini. If you have an older iPhone model, take a look at the BONAVENTURA iPhone cases page, where all models are linked.

3: Optimal protection & functionality

Whether you choose a Back Cover case for your new iPhone 13, or Diary Case, you are investing in a beautiful case that also protects your phone. 

The new iPhone 13 requires a high-quality and durable case in a minimal slim design. The Back Cover Case optimally protects the back of the iPhone. The Fjord leather variant offers two practical credit card or bank note compartments on the back of the case. The exposed display on the iPhone 13 makes it easy to use. Just pull the phone out of your pocket, write a message or answer a call.

The fold-out "Diary" iPhone 13 Case is a high-quality case in a minimalistic design that offers complete all-round protection. If you want to protect your iPhone 13 in the best possible way, this is exactly the right version for you. Both the front and the back are covered by the elegant genuine leather case. The phone can thus be used in everyday life without hesitation. Only when the case opens to the left does the display become visible. Conveniently, the inside of the case has four credit card slots and two banknote compartments.

4: MagSafe & Wireless charging technology

BONAVENTURA Diary iPhone 13 cases have built-in MagSafe technology to easily charge your device with the case on. Our other cases are compatible with MagSafe or other wireless charging also. 

5: Unique color variations

Our cases are available in a wide range of Kyoko colors - one of the most recognizable elements that allows BONAVENTURA to stand out. Perfectly adapted to the new iPhone 13 color variants, you can choose the matching leather color of your choice.

Choose a BONAVENTURA leather case now, select your favourite color to match your new iPhone 13. You can choose between the aesthetic Noblessa calfskin (embossed) or Fjord calfskin (shrunken) from Perlinger. We give you a lifetime guarantee! Simply register your case with us after purchase and you will receive it easily and automatically.